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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns improve more than just the appearance of your smile—they restore damaged and decayed teeth and protect them for years! Crowns are a functional, long-lasting restorative solution for teeth that are misshapen, broken, worn or severely decayed. Our Hiram dentists use crowns both as stand-alone restorations and as part of larger smile makeover cases with fixed dental bridges and dental implants.

In comparison with other restorative dentistry treatments, crowns are a relatively simple procedure. They usually require two appointments: the first to make a mold of your damaged tooth, and the second to place and polish your custom-made restoration. Yourdentist will take extra care during this second appointment to ensure that your new crown perfectly matches your other healthy teeth and feels comfortable and natural in your mouth.

Porcelain crowns are generally very strong restorations that can protect teeth for years. In fact, if your dentist places a crown before your tooth fractures or becomes infected, it could save you from needing more invasive restorative dentistry treatments like an extraction,root canal or dental implants.

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